December 11, 2015

color inversion

This is an old post, nowadays I use a chromebook with a web IDE running on my server, which is set to dark theme. Some programmers use flux, which makes sense if you need to view pictures, but I prefer to invert the colors, system wide. Debian (ubuntu) sudo apt-get install xcalib and bind the following to your desired keyboard shortcut: xcalib -a -i #alter invert my current keyboard shortcut is SUPER (windows logo) + N (negative). Read more

November 18, 2015

Forever 22

Let’s talk about something that can benefit our lives. No, not online clothes shopping, but SSH to your Linux VPS! If the last sentence contained two things you needed to Google, then this article isn’t for you (it all comes down to remote desktop, but fast). As a programmer, I see myself as an artist. Coding is a creative process for me, which results in making creative notes all the time. Read more

November 18, 2015

Good programmers are irreplaceable, bad are indispensable

This article walks through an important aspect of code maintenance; responsibility. Who is responsible for the code quality, the programmer, the supervisor? Is coding a creative process, can we call it an art form? The statement above may give away a little, as a programmer, I write this to other programmers and the people giving leadership to coders. When we agree that programming can be an art form to some coders, e. Read more

November 11, 2015

My favorite IDE

This is an old post, nowadays I use a web IDE. We all start with something like notepad++ until we start for something more useful. Various editors exist, Xcode with block scope highlighting (which is CPU intensive) to something like vim, which is ideal for quick editing of config files over SSH. My first real IDE My first language was Java, which was taught in BlueJ at my university (if your uni still does this, burn the books! Read more

September 11, 2015

Passwords, can you remember them all?

Old post, do not use this advice, but the tool found at As a logician, I like to order certain things in my life, based on logic, instead of emotion. Examples are file and directory structure, clothes in closet and of course, passwords. You probably all know the deal, of remembering various passwords, which can be a nightmare. And we all know that you should not use the same passwords on multiple site, because some save them plain text, and usually the sites that do, have poor security, which means an easy breach. Read more

May 9, 2008

USB bike charger

Before the era of solar chargers, people could charge their phones via their bike dynamo. Phones back then charged at a maximum of 500mA, which is close to the 400mA a regular bike dynamo generates. Nowadays phones require lots more power. A video of this board can be found here. What you’ll need: 50x100mm board 4 diodes 1n5817 (in order of preference: 1n581[7,8,9] or 1n400[1,2]) large capacitor: 10-35v, 750-1000uf small capacitor: 10-35v, 10-24uf 7805 (don’t get the small 100mA) What you need to know: Read more

January 1, 0001

#!/usr/bin/env python3 # sudo pip3 install icalevents typing # the URL is called the following on Google Calendar # 'Secret address in iCal format' URL = '' path = '/tmp/temperature' default = 15 from icalevents.icalevents import events from datetime import datetime es = events(URL) now = for e in es: # use string comparison, otherwise; # TypeError: can't compare offset-naive and offset-aware datetimes if str(e.start) < str(now) < str(e.end): val = e. Read more

January 1, 0001

Guitar tips Straplocks Round Head Flat Head Round example Round example 2 If you question the importance of straplocks, please watch RiffNinjaGuitar. Now we know that we need them, lets look at them. First to note, there are round and flat heads. I personally prefer the rounded heads. Read more

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