April 11, 2019

Hack to enable WSL

Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) enables us to run Linux on a Windows 10 device. Even when developer mode and the windows store are disabled, you can run this when you can start PowerShell as an admin. Ubuntu/Debian/Kali via WSL If we have at least windows 10 1803 (see below), we can install WSL using the following steps: Download your distro (e.g. Ubuntu) as appx here Open PowerShell as Administrator cd C:\Users\YOUR-USERNAME\Downloads Add-AppxPackage . Read more

April 10, 2019

Prevent MITM proxies

Men In The Middle (MITM) proxies are used in some corporate environments for compliancy. You can spot this in your browser by inspecting the certificate. Sometimes you don’t want people to be able to do eavesdropping, which we can prevent using Nginx. Use the following config: ssl_protocols TLSv1.3; ssl_prefer_server_ciphers on; Note that this will not work for older browsers like Edge and IE. Chrome works fine. Debugging OpenSSL If you get an error stating no cipher match your Nginx may not have the latest OpenSSL version. Read more

February 10, 2019

List of self hosted web based IDEs

Developers write code in an integrated development environment (IDE), which is usually installed on their workstation. A WebIDE runs in the cloud, allowing one to work from any device that has a browser. In this article we only consider open source products. I’ve used a WebIDE for more than a year now and love it. It has allowed me to use a chromebook now and do everything in the cloud. Read more

February 6, 2019

Expose Nginx to public in Kubernetes

After getting kubernetes up and running and the dashboard online we proceed to getting our first service public to the world. When you do not use a load balancer provided by your cloud provider, kubernetes offers you two options for exposing ports: NodePort or using an ingress. Ingress is clearly the way to go, enabling you to have multiple services using the same port (this article explains the difference in more detail). Read more

February 3, 2019

Kubernetes dashboard basic auth

Kubernetes provides us with a proxy without TLS support or HTTP Basic authentication (BA). Using IP filtering (--accept-hosts) did not work on my VPS either. In this post I’ll show how you can access your dashboard with TLS and basic auth. This post can also be used to get your first k8s running on your Ubuntu machine/VPS. Get your cluster The following steps are based on this tutorial. You should have Ubuntu 16 or higher: Read more

January 28, 2019

Lightweight open source ERP

When developing software, teams often use an Agile process. Usually using a product backlog, providing a clear overview of the desired features. For my personal projects (which usually involve code) and other tasks in life, I did not keep to such a structure and was looking for an unified overview. The various notes; written, Google keep, in the README of the project etc. are not efficient enough. What I need is a good project management tool, to enhance productivity and create an overview. Read more

January 17, 2019

As a Developer and DevOps you can work on a chromebook

My technical colleagues never got why I wanted to work on a chromebook, they said, why limit yourself when it isn’t needed? People get it when I’m always in search for the hottest peppers or like to have muscle fatigue after exercise, but not when working with less specs. Initial setup Almost everything that I do, can be done in a browser or on a CLI (i.e. on my Linux VPS over SSH). Read more

January 14, 2019

cheatsheet DIY home automation

This cheatsheet shows the steps to a DIY project and was used to make my heater smart. This guide is only readable to technical people. In the past I worked with primitive setups like Arduino or tried to get an ESP8266 wifi relay working. In my opinion, too limited and only worth considering if you need analog or economies of scale. Therefor, all my DIY home automation have a Linux kernel. Read more

January 10, 2019

The SCARV data backup strategy

We all have data we value, but do we value our data? Do we organize, version control and backup our data? This overview is targeted at home users, not enterprise or governments, which require multiple access groups and clearances. Approach Before we start and make all our data redundant, we need to have everything organized. We want our data to be; easy to file easy to find clear naming conventions; e. Read more

September 15, 2018

Avoid wealth tax over cryptocurrency through smart contracts

Smart contracts enable us to do gambling with a fixed set of participants and choose our own risk probabilities. These participants could be wallets belonging to one and the same person. This will allow us to store the value inside the smart contract from December to Januari and legally have no value over that time period. This may seem scam. If you involve your spouse’s wallets, it is not a single person anymore, therefore not a scam. Read more

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