February 10, 2019

List of self hosted web based IDEs

Developers write code in an integrated development environment (IDE), which is usually installed on their workstation. A WebIDE runs in the cloud, allowing one to work from any device that has a browser. In this article we only consider open source products.

I’ve used a WebIDE for more than a year now and love it. It has allowed me to use a chromebook now and do everything in the cloud.

Let’s start with my current IDE, ACE/Cloud9, which became part of AWS making it likely to be maintained.

Editor Backend Stars Last commit
ACE/Cloud9 Node.js 19148 Feb 4, 2019

star count and dates added on 2019/02/10

My search continued. I needed a simple IDE to allow people (non-tech) to edit Markdown files and upload pictures for a static blog/website generator.

UPDATE 2021: at work I use VS code in browser.

Lightweight WebIDE

Options I found were:

Editor Backend Stars Last commit Comments
Codiad PHP 2504 Oct 31, 2018 unmaintained, reborn as Atheos
ICEcoder PHP 1038 Dec 14, 2018
Eclipse orion.client Node.js 175 Feb 7, 2019

About one we read: Codiad is a web-based IDE framework with a small footprint and minimal requirements. which I tried and gave a good first impression. Orion gave errors on my setup.

Heavyweight WebIDE

If you want a great WebIDE and system requirements aren’t and issue, I would try out Eclipse Che.

Editor Backend Stars Last commit
Eclipse Che Java 5304 Feb 9, 2019

Other WebIDEs

Others I found but were not for me:

Editor Stars Last commit Comments
Phosphorus Five 163 Jul 15, 2018 C#
ShiftEdit 81 Sep 4, 2018 not mature
Atom in Orbit 1190 Dec 1, 2016 unmaintained
codebox 3934 Apr 23, 2015 unmaintained
Codenvy 221 Feb 13, 2018 Java
Coding WebIDE 1081 Aug 23, 2018 Java, Chinese code
Filebrowser 4326 Feb 8, 2019 unmaintained

Filebrowser was suggested by Hugo but this should be ignored now. Got the setup working in the past but recent builds fail, the filebrowser code base was a mess.

NOTE: we do not consider Gitlab (self hosted Git) a WebIDE, but it can serve as a webportal to edit files. NextCloud and other Web File Managers can provide similar features.

NOTE: Now in 2020, there are more awesome editors such as VS in browser.

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