March 23, 2021

Export csv from Google sheets

For a PoC, I wanted to use Google sheets as a data store for rendering charts. Trying to share a sheet via ‘Publish to the web’ as a csv did not work, since it’ll redirect you to an HTML page first, which makes it unusuable for automated systems. Searching for a solution lead to someone who shared how to get the xlsx exported, which helped me find out how to get it as csv.

let shared_to_anyone_with_the_link = ""

function sharing_url_to_csv_url(sharing_url, sheet_index=0){
	let url_start = sharing_url.split('/edit?')[0]
	const url_postfix = '/export?format=csv&single=true'
	let url_spreadsheetid = '&id=' + url_start.split('/').pop()
	let url_sheetid = '&gid=' + sheet_index

	let csv_url = url_start + url_postfix + url_spreadsheetid + url_sheetid
	return csv_url


The sheet index can be found when one uses ‘Publish to the web’ and select a single sheet.

With the result of the function, we can now get our data using:

curl -L

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