October 9, 2021

Germany disincentivizes expats from vaccination

Last week I was working in Germany and learned from someone that he carried around with him his paper Covid certificate all the time. He worked in Germany, had his Covid pass from the German health institute (Robert Koch) and his phone was in German, but still he was unable to install the German CovPass app. His use case made some people around him even more hesitant to take the vaccine.

The issue is that if your Google playstore is not set to Germany, one cannot install this app. Other countries have enabled foreigners to use their app; Belgium, Austria, Ireland, Italy, etc.

The reason for Germany to have set this policy is unknown to me, but it might lead to segregation between Reichsdeutsche and Volksdeutsche, excluding refugees/asylum seekers, expats and other foreigners.


Instead of relying on a government, we can fall back to the open market. Since the protocol is open source, there are alternatives to the CovPass app like Green Pass Wallet.


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