June 21, 2019

Catching support emails from my internet service provider

We all assume you cannot register admin, postmaster or support@yourisp.com, however, a Dutch provider let me do a similar thing. In Dutch we had an old spelling and a new one; pannekoek (old) and pannenkoek (new), which means pancake. So I tried to register klanteservice instead of klantenservice, which was still available! I didn’t look at it for years, my ISP changed its name, making me even catch more emails! Read more

June 20, 2019

Form manipulation

My regular domain registrar did not provide .nl domains, which made me look for Dutch registrars. At one of the cheapest registrars, the price was below 1EU for the first year. However, what if we could have this price for multiple years? Would the form proceed if we changed the value? Now only the checkout, do they validate? Contact registrar After I was able to proceed this checkout, I notified the company. Read more

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