August 1, 2019

Development in DMZ

Corporate environments usually have more (advanced) (network) security measures in place. For developers this means that getting any random package from the internet into the environment (enclave) where the sensitive data lives is impossible, which is a good thing. Let’s agree that security is important and that efforts of it should always be admired, since we cannot get enough people to be security minded. Developers freedom compromized Development is the creation of something new, otherwise you are just building. Read more

June 13, 2019

Infrastructure as code for faster feedback loops

Investment banking and managing assets in general require one to make decisions. Research has shown that making them is done best based on data, rather than gut feeling. We measure the output of our system by the metrics provided and decide and act upon them. But let’s look at the acting part. The old model is to change the business process (variables), wait for some data and see if the change had the desired outcome. Read more

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