February 10, 2019

List of self hosted web based IDEs

Developers write code in an integrated development environment (IDE), which is usually installed on their workstation. A WebIDE runs in the cloud, allowing one to work from any device that has a browser. In this article we only consider open source products. I’ve used a WebIDE for more than a year now and love it. It has allowed me to use a chromebook now and do everything in the cloud. Read more

January 17, 2019

As a Developer and DevOps you can work on a chromebook

My technical colleagues never got why I wanted to work on a chromebook, they said, why limit yourself when it isn’t needed? People get it when I’m always in search for the hottest peppers or like to have muscle fatigue after exercize, but not when working with less specs. Initial setup Almost everything that I do, can be done in a browser or on a CLI (i.e. on my Linux VPS over SSH). Read more

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